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 Will you conquer humans or fall in love? 

A WIP yuri game demo made for Yuri Game Jame 2018 

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Play as Takiyasha hime, the demon yokai sorceress! Help her retrieve her special tool to conquer humans, or will she choose her high school girlfriend? Please note the WIP demo is very short and the art seen in the demo is not final. 

WARNING: Demo contains a non-sexual nudity scene!

♥ ⛩ 👹 ⛩ ♥

Features WIP: 

  • A point-and-click system 
  • Divination witchy mini games 
  • Different endings 
  • And more! Will be updated as game develops 

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Story & Programming: Anna Mao

Character/Environmental/UI Art: Saint Bree

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YuriYokaiTakiyashaHimeWIPDemo-pc.zip 130 MB
YuriYokaiTakiyashaHimeWIPDemo-mac.zip 113 MB


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Aaand now it's 2020. Soo.. uhm.. has there been progress, and is this going to be finished, or is it abandoned?


The game is currently on hold. We are working on other projects and unsure when we can continue it.

So I guess this means "not gonna happen"?

Too bad, I saw potential in this...

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, I just finished playing the demo! I thought the story was really cute and sweet... reading Takiyashi and Mitsuko's interactions was just adorable haha!  Also the art is really nice, I especially love the cover... I hope the VN gets completed someday!


Thank you! We are glad you enjoyed the game! We have plans to complete the VN :) 


Funny and original idea for plot. 

Very nica artstyle and cute sprites of cute grils.

 I'll wait to see more :)